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Everything is Coming Up Rosie Book CoverMy New Book About My Mom Rosie is Now Available for Pre-Order!


Everything’s Coming Up Rosie

10 Things My Feisty Italian-American Mom Taught Me About Living a Godly Life


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Ciao amici! Hello friends! I am so honored and excited to let you know that my latest book dedicated to my feisty mama, Rosie, is now available for pre-order!

Everything’s Coming Up Rosie; Ten Things My Feisty Italian American Mother Taught Me about Living A Godly Life, published by Sophia Institute Press.

As I say in the book, “have you noticed how common sense isn’t common any more?” Well, Rosie was filled with many down-to-earth and common sense, often funny but very thoughtful phrases, or “Rosieisms” as I call them, that are so needed today. That’s why I believe you will truly enjoy, Everything’s Coming Up Rosie. You’ll laugh. You might even cry given some of the moving real life stories. And even though it’s based on a recipe for la dolce vita from an Italian-American clan, you don’t have to be Italian-American to dive in or soak up all the wit and wisdom in Rosie’s top ten hit parade for living a Godly life.

The book is available for pre-sale now!


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  • Epiphany Radio Show – Vanessa Denha Garmo talks with Teresa Tomeo about Teresa’s new book “Everything’s Coming Up Rosie”. The interview begins at 28:18.



“Because something is simple does not mean it’s not profound. Teresa Tomeo has pulled profound wisdom from her mother’s simple, homespun, “Listen to your mother “ guidance for living. Mama Rosie would be so pleased that her daughter listened and shared her words with so many outside her family.”

— Dr. Ray Guarendi

“This book is an overdue refresher course in human nature. We were made to learn from our elders. Wisdom travels through history by way of the family. Teresa Tomeo gives us all the evidence we need to throw over the modern myths of generational warfare. These pages teach us, again, to listen and learn.”

— Mike Aquilina
Editor, Reclaiming Catholic History series

“Rosie may be with the Lord in Heaven, but her voice still resounds here on earth! 5 Mamma Mia Stars!”

— Susan Tassone
Author, Jesus Speaks to Faustina and You