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Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just in fact as you are doing.
Thessalonians 5:11

I’ll help you discern fact from fiction in our biased media saturated culture. Here you will find interviews from Catholic Connection, as well other stories and sources of real news that have been vetted for their accuracy; a basic tool that has virtually all but disappeared in today’s so called “news rooms”.


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Catholic Connection Episodes & Interviews of Note


Interviews on Alleged Election Fraud, Media Bias & Legal Issues From November 9, 2020
  • Al Kresta, President of Ave Maria Radio, Topic: Alleged election fraud, legal issues & media bias (from Hour 1)
  • “Rocky” Raczkowski, Former Majority Leader of Michigan’s House, discusses vote counting errors, voting irregularities, legal issues & dirty politics. The interview begins at 37:36.
  • Al Kresta, President of Ave Maria Radio, Topic: More on alleged election fraud & media bias (from Hour 2)
  • Louis Brown, Attorney & Executive Director of Christ Medicus Foundation, Topic: Election Integrity, and religious freedom. The interview begins at 25:48.
  • Penny Nance, CEO & President of Concerned Women For America, Topic: Election Integrity. The interview begins at 34:45.
  • Also a Bonus Interview with Teresa Tomeo on Kresta In The Afternoon, with host Al Kresta. Topic: Are journalists who are covering the election actually following official journalistic ethics & good practices?


Post-Election Interviews From November 5, 2020
  • Dr. Matthew Bunson, Historian, Author, Executive Editor and Washington Bureau Chief, EWTN News; Senior Fellow, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology; Our election in the light of history and Church teaching
  • Louis Brown, Attorney & Executive Director of Christ Medicus Foundation, a Catholic Health Sharing company. He discusses the Catholic vote and healthcare. (Interview begins at 17:40)
  • Bobby Hesley, Credentialed Poll Challenger discusses alleged fraud during election counting
  • “Rocky” Raczkowski, Chairman of the Oakland County, MI Republican Party, gives an update on alleged voter fraud in Michigan


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Other Stories of Note

Disclaimer: The posting of any articles on this website is not an endorsement of the source or the views expressed.


One Woman’s Experience in being locked out at the Detroit vote counting


“Glenn Greenwald on resigning from his own publication due to censorship”

This seven minute interview of Glenn Greenwald describes why he resigned from The Intercept, the media outlet he co-founded. It really gives you a sense of where we are today with media censorship and extreme leftist media bias. Thank you to Glenn Greenwald for your courage and for going on the record on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News last night and telling the truth about the media outlet that you even helped to found. Click here for his written explanation of why he resigned.


“Article on Joe and Hunter Biden Censored By The Intercept”

Here is the original article that investigative journalist, Glenn Greenwald, was banned from posting at the news outlet (The Intercept) that he co-founded due to censorship by the outlet’s Pro-Joe Biden editors. I give him a lot of credit to not only come forward, but to resign from his position at The Intercept because of this. Politically he leans way left, but I truly respect and appreciate that he believes in authentic and real journalism- where you put your personal opinions aside and report the truth.


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