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Teresa Tomeo is the host of Catholic Connection, which is a co-production of Ave Maria Radio and the EWTN Global Radio Network and is broadcast on over 500 radio stations worldwide. It can be heard weekdays 8-10am ET on Ave Maria Radio, and from 9-10am ET on EWTN Radio. It can also be heard online at both websites and on the Ave Maria Radio app, the EWTN app, and Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 130. Prior episodes can be heard at the Ave Maria Radio Archives, or listen to prior shows as a podcast by clicking here.

Radio Show Guests: Friday, September 18, 2020

Guest Host: Vanessa Denha Garmo

8:17        Msgr. Charles Kosanke, Pastor and Rector of the Basilica of St. Anne in Detroit. Topic: Basilica Celebration Mass of Thanksgiving this Sunday.

8:37        Robert Muise, American Freedom Law Center

9:15        Doug Keck, EWTN President & COO

9:28        Connor Semelsberger, Legislative Assistant for Family Research Council, Topic: Pro-Life Maps showing each state’s abortion funding

9:39        Million Rosary March


Note: All Times are Eastern. Guests are subject to change.


Radio Highlights of Recent Shows

  • Interview With Fr. Charles Fox, “Why don’t those who challenge pro-lifers answer this question?” Click Here to Listen. The Interview begins at 25:58.
  • Interview with Dr. Thomas Williams, “The Catholic Coalition Against Religious Tests for Office has written to Washington, DC Archbishop Wilton Gregory urging him to publicly address the anti-Catholic bigotry of the leadership of the Democratic Party. Citing the repeated harassment of Catholic appointees to public office by leading Senate Democrats, the fourteen Democratic state attorney generals who are “maliciously persecuting” the Little Sisters of the Poor, and the radical abortion agenda of the party platform, the Catholic Coalition appeals to Archbishop Gregory to speak out for the Church.” Click Here to Listen. The interview begins at 35:24.
  • Interview with Fr. Matt Hood and Fr. Stephen Pullis, Director of the Department of Evangelization, Catechesis, and Schools in the Archdiocese of Detroit. Topic: When the words at baptism are incorrect. Fr. Hood discovered he was not actually baptized as a baby due to the incorrect wording used, therefore the rest of his sacraments received, including his priestly ordination, were not valid. And many of the sacraments he gave others were not valid either. Is this just legalism? Why would one little change of a word cause such upheaval? Click Here to Listen. The interview begins at 7:15.


Praise for Catholic Connection

“Teresa – Thank You for continually being such a beacon of truth for us all today. As we return to school in the fall, I am tempted to assign all my students to listen to your show on Fridays (we are doing on-line learning those days). I speak continuously to them about this very subject, and your expertise in invaluable. Thank you”

— P.S., St. Louis, MO


“Teresa Tomeo brings her talents and gifts to the Church in a powerful way through her Catholic Connection radio show. She has great integrity, is passionate, and loves the Lord and the Faith. Catholic media is what Teresa Tomeo was created for.”

— Matthew Pinto, Founder and President of Ascension


“Teresa, It was my birthday this last Monday and I wanted to do something different to celebrate year 66 and starting year 67. So I wanted to thank people who influenced me in positive ways this last year and will continue to do so. Your show “Catholic Connections“ is something I look forward to not only for news and events but for your commentary. You put into words my feelings on topics and news and give voice to what I feel is right. So, thank you! Also, kudos for Andrew and his work in the production of your show. Thank you again and keep your “Italian” up.”

— A.S.


“I am a member of St. Anthony of Padua parish in Luling, LA, approximately 30 miles west of New Orleans.  I am a loyal morning listener through Catholic Community Radio.  You are my ONLY source of daily news.  In fact, my morning revolves around being up to listen to your program!”

— D.R., Luling, LA