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Video: Why is #Prop3, the proposed constitutional amendment in #Michigan that removes all laws against #abortion, including parental rights, so awful? It doesn’t just affect abortion! Watch my interview on The Frontline with Joe and Joe with Joe Reciniello on the Veritas Catholic Network.


VOTE “NO” on Proposal 3 in Michigan!

Many of my followers online, and on Ave Maria Radio and EWTN, have asked for resources regarding the radical Proposal 3 Amendment which is on Michigan’s November 8th ballot. As a result, we’ve put together a comprehensive page of what we believe are some of the best pro-life resources related to this proposal. I urge you to share these with your friends and family members that live in Michigan.

Even if you don’t live in Michigan, the anti-life, anti-family ambitions of the pro-abortion activists who wrote this Proposal are crystal clear, and they will spread to other states, whether Prop 3 passes or not.


Here are the Dangers of Proposal 3, which goes way farther than “undoing” Roe v. Wade:

  • Remove ALL restrictions on abortion passed during the last 50 years.
  • Remove all parental notification laws
  • Dozens of laws could be invalidated, including the parental consent requirement for children seeking an abortion, because children would have a right to an abortion under the amendment, as well as contraception and sterilization.
  • Remove all limits on late-term abortion
  • Laws that regulate the quality and safety of abortion facilities would be gone under the amendment.
  • Any “health care provider” could perform an abortion.
  • Children (boys as well as girls) could, without parental consent, request sterilization, puberty blockers, and surgical “gender confirming” procedures.

Prop 3 is an extremely radical amendment that is a serious threat to women, children, and families, and if it passes in Michigan it will spread to other states.


Thank you for your interest and please pray and fast for Michigan. Click HERE to join in the daily prayer novena for this effort.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!


Click HERE to read the entire Proposal 3 in full.

Read the Explainer “Where Does it Say That?” that explains where in Prop 3 these radical proposals are.

Click HERE to locate your voting location and information.

* If you are Pro-Choice, recognize that Proposal 3 is UNNECESSARY & extreme. Abortion is ALREADY legal in Michigan. Females from other states are coming to Michigan for their abortions. Proposal 3 does NOT provide better care. It lowers the standards for abortion laws by allowing less qualified health care workers (not physicians) to be abortion providers, decreases regulation of abortion facilities, blocks the ability of the patient to sue if injured from the abortion, allows abortion up to birth, and blocks parental knowledge & consent for abortion and sterilization of children younger than 18 years old.



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