Press Release – New Book Reveals How Americans Are Conquering Coronavirus With Faith: Christian Journalist Teresa Tomeo Charts Hopeful Path Through Pandemic

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—For Immediate Release—

BOSTON, MA, April 22, 2020 – In times of sacrifice, when everyday routines are interrupted and familiar rituals fall away, life continues and provides many opportunities to grow and even thrive.

Book Cover, Conquering Coronavirus: How Faith Can Put Your Fears to Rest, Teresa TomeoThis is the comforting message at the heart of “Conquering Coronavirus: How Faith Can Put Your Fears to Rest,” written by Teresa Tomeo and published by Sophia Institute Press.

A leading Christian author, speaker and media personality for over 30 years, Tomeo neither shies away from nor surrenders to the suffering that has visited everyone across the country and around the world.

Instead, she exhorts readers to recognize this as an unparalleled time to embrace faith over nihilism; hope over despair; and charity over selfishness. “Conquering Coronavirus” offer scores of emotional stories and practical weapons against the virus, including creative ways to respond to limitations the pandemic has placed on daily life; advice to help bear its many material and spiritual burdens; and time-tested traditional practices for living a healthier life both during and after the crisis.

Tomeo also shares inspiring, faith-filled stories of the heroic Americans — healthcare workers, public servants and clergymen — serving on the front lines of the battle against this coronavirus. Furthermore, she highlights opportunities for smaller but equally necessary acts of service so that even those who must stay at home can ease their neighbors’ burdens.

Throughout, Tomeo includes reflection questions for book clubs and small group study, allowing readers an opportunity for much-needed community and connection.

Conquering Coronavirus” has garnered praise from faith leaders, authors and media personalities, including Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor-at-large of National Review.

“This Coronavirus time is not so much about physical illness as it is about our spiritual viruses of lukewarmness and indifference,” Lopez commented. “Tomeo’s book is a helpful guide to get and keep us on a road to true conversion.”

For more information about this book visit Teresa’s Conquering Coronavirus page.