Press Release – Have Yourself A Peaceful Little Advent & Christmas By Turning Off the News & Listening To God

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Boston, MA (December 7, 2020) — “The Advent and Christmas seasons are very different for most of us this year due to the continued fallout from the Coronavirus. The slower pace, however, brings with it a mixture of pluses and minuses.  On the plus side we are forced to slow down. On the other hand, having more time means our hands, pun intended, might wander far too often over to our cell phone, lap-top, TV remote, and maybe even all of the above, to check up on the latest news. Given all the concerns we have about this ever changing and seemingly never-ending situation, it is important to stay healthy and informed,” says Catholic talk show host Teresa Tomeo.  “Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, however, has recommended that part of our emotional health can be helped greatly by backing away from all the news, noise, and electronics. This statement, for example, was posted on the CDC website earlier this year.

 ‘Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including those on social media. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting.’

What a perfect season to calm ourselves down and listen more closely to what God might be trying to say to us,” says Tomeo.

Listening for God book coverSince the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Catholic journalist and author Teresa Tomeo has inspired and comforted thousands who are struggling to find God in this chaotic, anxious time. Her new book, “Listening for God,” available now, will inspire readers with abundant examples of timely remedies, chance encounters and surprising circumstances that can be explained only by the active involvement of a loving and caring God.

Listening for God gathers miraculous moments from Tomeo’s own life, as well as gripping personal stories from famous Catholics — including Vatican journalist Joan Lewis, Ave Maria Radio’s Al Kresta and “Crossing the Tiber” author Steve Ray — who describe the unmistakable ways God has spoken to them. These ordinary and extraordinary testimonies include:

  • How a car accident led to a life-saving ultrasound for an abortion-minded mother.
  • The mysterious man who appeared to an anxious couple at a deserted train station in Italy to provide assistance…and then just as quickly disappeared.
  • How a six-word sentence from a husband to his embittered wife served to redirect their marriage from bitterness toward reconciliation and renewal.
  • A business offer that arrived out of the blue just as financial ruin threatened a wife and husband recently jolted by a medical diagnosis.
  • The unexpected link between a young woman’s moment of despair and the day she kissed the ring of Pope John Paul II.
  • What the Holy Spirit inspired a woman to say in a casual airplane conversation that transformed it into a never-to-be-forgotten encounter.

“It is said, ‘Coincidence is God’s way of speaking in our lives,’” said Dr. Ray Guarendi, host of the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) radio show “The Doctor Is In.” “Amid the clatter and distractions surrounding modern living, it’s so easy to ignore his planned coincidences. Teresa Tomeo gives us a powerful, faith-lifting message from God: ‘I am here. You must but look and listen.’”

Reassured by the powerful stories in “Listening for God,” readers will gain a more confident faith and a surer ability to hear and respond to the still, small, powerful voice of God.

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