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In need of a little pick me up? Aren’t we all? While we certainly can’t bury our heads in the sand and ignore the problems of the world, we don’t have to constantly focus on the negative. Wouldn’t it be nice to recognize the positive, to see that glass or cup as half full verses half empty; to take in the true, the beautiful, and the good that is still all around us?

That’s why I hope you’ll join me in this effort to bring some comfort and joy along with lots of smiles to others. I’m calling it “T’s Teatime: A Cup of Inspiration to Warm your Heart and Soul.”  I’ll take just a few minutes to share a favorite Scripture verse, saint, prayer, inspirational story, or even a favorite recipe or tradition. We’ll find out what others are doing to remain hopeful in these turbulent times, and help each other remember, as they say in Italy, “Andrà Tutto Bene.” “It’s going to be alright.”



Andrea Bocelli & Others Spreading the Christmas Spirit. Two amazing men who are truly helping others.


T’s Teatime: The True, The Lovely, and The Good. There’s nothing like a bit of sweet and an Italian wedding to bring joy back into your life.


T’s Teatime: Beach More, Worry Less. If Jesus can take time for silence and rest, so can you!


T’s Teatime: In the Good Ole Simple Summertime. Some inspirational but simple ideas on how to make the most of the upcoming summer holiday.


T’s Teatime: Age Is Only A Number. One person, especially a young person, really can make a difference!


T’s Teatime: A Holy Week Homework Assignment. A good thing to do this Holy Week is examine where God has made His presence felt in your life. Those little incidences that show you He loves you.


T’s Teatime! Valentine’s Inspiration To Warm Your Heart & Soul. I have some fun & simple spiritual exercises to remind you of how incredibly special you are and how much you are indeed loved.


Happy New Year Italian Style: Ringing In the New Year With Old Traditions. We had a rough year. It’s time to help ourselves to a comforting cup of old tradition to help us go forward.


T’s Teatime Thanksgiving Edition.  Thinking about good times, good friends, & family will make the holidays much more meaningful, since we can’t gather the way we normally do. May you all have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!


Spend Some Quiet Teatime With Jesus. Need encouragement? You need a cup of something warm and some quiet time with Jesus.


T’s Teatime – Godly Greetings. Never let circumstances steal your inner joy, and never ever forget that our Heavenly Father, is not far away at all.


Teatime In Your Happy Place. Jesus had a special place that he went to pray and rest from his labors. You too should have a “happy place” to rest and rejuvenate from the chaos of the world.


T’s Teatime – The Secret Garden. Join me for a major praise report that you helped make happen, and visit a Secret Garden that will give you a spiritual shot in the arm. Remember – Concentrate on the Good, the Beautiful, and the True!


Ultimate Optimism: Turning to God in Desperate Times. Saint Lawrence was the ultimate optimist. He looked at his suffering as an offering, and a way to honor God. Learn how this saint connects with the Perseid Meteor Shower, and how one of my listeners, who was determined to do something positive for God, chose an amazing way of helping others to pray for our country and those needing healing. Update: To order the signs I mentioned in the video, as well as car and bumper magnets, visit St. Anthony of Padua’s parish, in Luling, LA online by clicking HERE.


T’s Teatime – St. Dominic. The beautiful feast and celebration of St. Dominic that takes place in my favorite town in Italy, Praiano, shows how incredible celebrations and feast days can inspire us and strengthen family and fellowship, in my first T’s Teatime vlog.



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