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Countless Catholics settle for a faith that doesn’t go farther than the Sunday Mass. While essential, dedicating one hour of our lives to Sunday Mass alone won’t satisfy our deep longing for more. In order to grow in relationship with God and find purpose and meaning, we must integrate our faith into our lives daily.

In Beyond Sunday: Becoming a 24/7 Catholic, radio host Teresa Tomeo gets real about what it takes to live a distinctly Catholic way of life. With personal stories and research, this book offers practical tips for seekers in any stage of faith. Beyond Sunday invites readers to pursue an exceptional way of life with steadfast faith every day of the week.


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Teresa Tomeo has more than 30 years experience in print and broadcast media. Founder of Teresa Tomeo Communications, Inc, she hosts a weekday radio program, Catholic Connection, heard daily on over 600 stations worldwide & is co-host of EWTN’s The Catholic View for Women. She is author of many books, and is a frequent speaker on media issues, Catholic spirituality, and marriage. Teresa is also a columnist for Our Sunday Visitor’s “The Deacon” Magazine. Visit her website She is also the owner of T’s Italy, a unique travel consulting service that offers expert advice to make the most of your time in Italy. Visit


Endorsements for Beyond Sunday: Becoming a 24/7 Catholic

  • “Teresa Tomeo’s Beyond Sunday is an inspiring call to action for Catholics from all walks of life to fully embrace all the beauty and intelligence the Church has to offer.”  — Bishop Robert Barron
  • “From beginning to end, Teresa Tomeo offers insight on living our Catholic Faith every day of the week ‘not to condemn but to encourage.’ Wonderful practical ideas in Beyond Sunday will help every reader find guides to holiness step by step and day by day.”Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J., Biblical Scholar, EWTN Host, and President & Founder of Ignatius Productions
  • “The ultimate source of a full and abundant life — not a life of simply existing — but a life in which the holes in our hearts are filled, is to let ourselves be loved by God. And this means seeking that life we were made to live. There is a supreme adventure awaiting us in this life. Teresa Tomeo’s new book Beyond Sunday invites us to ignite this fire within and shows us like a beacon a practical way how. Everyone should read this book. Everyone.”  — Chris Stefanick, author, speaker, and founder of Real Life Catholic
  • “With her clear passion for evangelization, Teresa Tomeo takes readers deeper in the Faith in such an engaging and accessible way. Teresa’s Beyond Sunday equips us with the tools, not just to grow in our own relationship with God, but to share our faith with friends and family. We’re all meant to witness to Christ, and the more we let him into our live, the more we can bring into the world.” — Dr. Edward Sri
  • “In Beyond Sunday Teresa Tomeo underscores many roadblocks to the authentic Catholic Faith. “In our day and age just about everything about the Catholic Church can be found at the click of a mouse, sadly, too many of us have no idea these resources even exist,” she stated. “Many are drowned out or overshadowed by everything else that’s out there … and anything else that’s got a hold of our time and attention.” Tomeo helps guide folks to the true meaning of the Catholic Faith. Both the book and Study Guide are a breath of fresh air for today’s Catholics and for all those who would like to learn more about the Catholic Church. In the author’s own words, ‘This book is designed to be a practical and honest look at where we’ve been and where we need to go.’ I highly recommend this book and Study Guide!”Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, EWTN TV host, author & speaker
  • “Teresa Tomeo has brought the Church something that is long overdue – a book that gives both cradle Catholics and converts the ‘spiritual food’ we all need to keep our faith alive and thriving! As a convert to the faith, I was ‘on fire’ when I found THE CHURCH and came HOME. However, after 25 years, even though I am still a devout Catholic, I’ve noticed that the fire I once felt has become embers that are in need of stirring. Beyond Sunday is the poke that stirs that fire and I am grateful that she has written this book. Every Catholic, no matter where they are in their walk with our Lord, can benefit from this book.”Gail Buckley Barringer, “The Bible Lady” and Founder & President of Catholic Scripture Study International


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Beyond Sunday Book & Study GuideBeyond Sunday Study Guide

By Teresa Tomeo & Gail Coniglio

The Beyond Sunday Study Guide is the companion to Teresa Tomeo’s Beyond Sunday: Becoming a 24/7 Catholic. This eight-week study guide is designed to help you live your faith beyond Sunday in your everyday life, with a community of people seeking growth in faith alongside you. Each week provides prayers, reflection questions, a holy habits challenge, the story of an inspirational person or saint, and lined pages for your notes. This is just the beginning of your journey to a richly rewarding life of faith.

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Gail ConiglioStudy Guide Co-author Gail Coniglio, is a Catholic marketing and media consultant, publicist, and literary agent. She has been a small-group study leader, catechist, RCIA teacher, and Women of Grace© program facilitator. She began her work in Catholic lay evangelization while serving in both Charistmatic and Cursillo movements. Gail earned her Certificate of Evangelization from the Archdiocese of Miami and was radio host for the American Chamber of Christians in Business’ Chamber Hour. Connect with Gail on LinkedIn.


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