A Few of Italy’s Most Romantic Places & Hidden Gems

A couple on Vespas in ItalyI’ve always been a fan of my fellow Italian American, Tony Bennett, whose real last name happens to be Benedetto, by the way. But I think Tony would agree, that while he sang his heart out over the city by the bay, when it comes to Romance, Italy can’t be beat.

So, I hope you enjoy my Valentine’s gift to all the romantics out there. I’m sharing my special Valentine’s Day “T’s Two-Sense” segment, (13 minutes) from today’s Catholic Connection, Monday, February, 14th, where I take my listeners and followers to some of Italy’s hidden gems and most romantic places to shout “Amore!” such as:

  • The “Walk of Lovers” in Varenna on Stunning Lake Como (as seen above)
  • Tuscany’s Ponte Vecchio on the Romantic Arno River
  • Cinque Terre’s “Via del Amore” Path of Love from Riomaggiore to Manarola
  • The many romantic sites in Rome on the Tiber River, such as the Castel Sant’Angelo (as seen below) and more!

Castel Sant'Angelo in Italy

Listen Here to my detailed description of my favorite romantic places in all of Italy!


Photos: Teresa Tomeo; Thomas Wolf, www.foto-tw.de, CCBY-SA 3.0 DE; StevanZZ/Shutterstock