T’s Teatime Thanksgiving Edition

Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles, and the judgments he pronounced.

— Psalm 105:5

Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s wishing all of you a blessed Thanksgiving. In this edition of T’s Teatime, I want to share how grateful I am having so many things for which to be thankful, including God’s miracles, as well as so many wonderful memories of different experiences in my life. If you watch my video, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the incident that prompted this trip down memory lane. Thinking about good times, good friends, and family will make the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays that much more meaningful, especially since so many of us can’t gather the way we normally do. The memories of those moments can make all the difference in helping us be grateful, regardless of our unusual 2020 circumstances.


How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

— Psalm 133:1

Teresa's Old Family Picture

Here’s a blast from the past. Check out this adorable photo, at least 35 years old or more, of my Mom Rosie, in the center directly above my grandmother Anna Tomeo, and the rest of the Tomeo clan. In the top row, starting from the left is my beautiful Aunt Elaine. Behind her is my Uncle Bennie. In the red dress next to Aunt Elaine is my Aunt Mary. Next to my Mom is the baby of the bunch, my Aunt Patty. There’s my handsome Godfather, Uncle Frankie, next to my lovely Aunt Theresa at the end of the top row. My Godmother Jenny is next to my grandmother, and on the other side of Grandma is my Uncle Angelo. Aunt Jenny, Uncle Frankie, Uncle Angelo, and my grandmother have all passed on, and my Mom Rosie, joined them in March.

Here is a link to what inspired me to dig deeply and recall my Italian American and East Coast roots, a new independent movie shot in Staten Island, “Team Marco.” More about this in my video. And speaking of miracles and memories, there’s lots of both, in my new book, Listening for God: Discovering the Incredible Ways God Speaks to Us. Just as the young character in Team Marco had to back away from his Xbox in order to learn about life, so do we have to silence ourselves in order to hear from God.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving! Recall special times and then go ahead and make even more memories.




Photo Credit: maxtimofeev/Shutterstock