Introducing “T’s Teatime” – A Cup Of Inspiration To Warm Your Heart & Soul

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In need of a little pick me up? Aren’t we all? While we certainly can’t bury our heads in the sand and ignore the problems of the world, we don’t have to constantly focus on the negative. Wouldn’t it be nice to recognize the positive, to see that glass or cup as half full verses half empty; to take in the true, the beautiful, and the good that is still all around us?

That’s why I hope you’ll join me in this effort to bring some comfort and joy along with lots of smiles to others. I’m calling it “T’s Teatime: A Cup of Inspiration to Warm your Heart and Soul.”  I’ll take just a few minutes to share a favorite Scripture verse, saint, prayer, inspirational story, or even a favorite recipe or tradition. We’ll find out what others are doing to remain hopeful in these turbulent times, and help each other remember, as they say in Italy, “Andrà Tutto Bene.” “It’s going to be alright.”

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Below is my first T’s Teatime vlog (video blog) about the beautiful feast and celebration of St. Dominic that takes place in my favorite town in Italy, Praiano.

Too many folks simply drive through the magical town of Praiano along the Amalfi Coast. If they were only to stop even for a quick pranzo, or lunch, they would be truly inspired by it’s unique location and beauty. They would also, as I share in this first T’s Tea Time vlog, be uplifted by the incredible celebrations and feast days connected to all things faith, family, food, and fellowship.
Note: Here is the link I mention in the video: Luminario di San Domenico.
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