Turn To God Amidst Fear & Unrest

Man sitting on bench under treeEver since my new book Conquering Coronavirus: How Faith Can Put Your Fears To Rest was published a few weeks ago I’ve been so pleased at people’s warm reception of its message. We are in such a difficult time, with quarantine, economic uncertainty, and now civil unrest, that anxieties and fear have skyrocketed. But faith in God is the key to freedom from anxiety, which I discuss in my book, along with practical ideas and resources to help conquer those problems and fears.

I have received such positive feedback and how this book is helping many, that I was so honored and humbled when Deacon and Doctor Timothy Flanigan, a Professor of Medicine, specializing in Infectious Diseases, at the Alpert Medical School at Brown University said:

“I can tell you (though I’m sure you already know) that this pandemic and unprecedented lockdown situation has taken a toll on the national psyche. COVID-19 has filled us all with anxiety, fear, and loneliness, which is natural and expected. But there are countless wounded souls out there who don’t quite know how to process things and move forward. They need the kind of gentle accompaniment only Holy Mother Church can provide, and in my opinion this book is the perfect vehicle to point the way.

Conquering Coronavirus includes true-life stories of healthcare workers and public servants who served on the frontlines; moving stories of clergymen ministering to their flocks; prayers for the threats we still face; and advice to help people bear gracefully their burdens. The book points us to Jesus who never leaves us alone and who told us “be not afraid.” It is filled with practical guidance, inspiration, and spiritual support.

I have personally made a significant financial contribution to get this book out into the Catholic grassroots. Why? Because it is helping people heal. I share this with you in hopes that you will help me get it into the hands of your parishioners so they also can reap the fruits it offers.”

This not only was special to me because of his background as a doctor that has provided care to COVID-19 cases, and Ebola cases in Africa before that; someone who routinely cares for HIV and AIDS patients, but he is an ordained deacon and devout Catholic.

Because of Dr. Flanigan’s support, my publisher Sophia Institute Press, is making a special offer for bulk distribution of the book. They are offering it for only $3 with free shipping in quantities of 30. You may order at 800-888-9344, orders@sophiainstitute.com.

I ask that you please:
  • Share about this Special Parish Discount of $3 per book with your Pastor or Parish Leader
  • Consider Donating a Case of books to your Parish or Nearby Hospital or Catholic Nursing Home
  • Check out and share my Talk Series with anyone you know that you feel is fearful or needs God at this time
  • Share the many resources I have compiled on my Coronavirus Page with those in need

Let’s spread the word about the love and mercy of Jesus Christ! As the great Pope St. John Paul II said, “Be not afraid. Open wide the door for Christ.” Let’s help open the door so many others hear, perhaps for the first time, how faith can save them, heal their hearts, and give them peace.


Photo: OKAWA PHOTO/Shutterstock