Benvenuto! Welcome to “T’s Italy”

It just had to be something more than answering numerous questions as well as responding to e-mails about traveling to Italy. At least that’s what those who’ve benefited from my Italy obsession have told me. Time after time, whether it was a friend, colleague, or radio-show listener, over the last several years, I’ve heard from so many folks looking for help with their Italy voyage. Whether it be something as simple as restaurant suggestions or something as detailed as coming up with a full-blown itinerary, I’ve done it all and then some. The requests came so frequently I decided to tap into my Italian heritage and thousands of hours of research over the past 20 years covering Vatican events, leading pilgrimages, and vacationing with my husband all over the diverse regions of Italy, and launched T’s Italy – a personalized trip planning and consulting service on all things Italia.

In addition to sharing loads of valuable insider information from my 50 plus visits to almost every region of Italy, helping travelers avoid the tourist traps and get the most bang for their buck or Euro, I’ve also noticed that Italy is a great bridge builder and most importantly a unique way to evangelize in a climate that has pushed God out of everything. Given how toxic our culture is, especially when it comes to even attempting to address such hot button issues as religion, when people encounter beauty, whether they realize it, they’re encountering God. In Italy, you encounter God through beauty that makes you feel like you’re walking onto a picturesque canvas.

Although people are not always making the trip for religious reasons, many are caught by surprise and have a profound spiritual experience. What other country has so many saints and Eucharistic miracles, tombs of the apostles, churches and relics, fountains and historical sights? Your senses are on overload from the sights and sounds, which so often touch the soul. And besides, who doesn’t like Italy? I have yet to come across anyone who doesn’t have at least one trip to the boot on their bucket list. I’ve had the most interesting conversations on planes with total strangers, chatting with folks in the grocery store, and even using Italy as a way to break through the ice with those not so warm and fuzzy family members with whom I have very little in common, except you guessed it – an interest in Italy.

One just can’t help having their mood almost instantaneously lifted and their blood pressure immediately lowered when they step off the plane and into the Tuscan countryside or onto a boat along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast. Maybe if they pondered the incredible religious art in the Vatican Museums in Rome, they would stop and see their fellow human beings differently and in a much clearer light; as sons and daughters of God with each person having great dignity and something unique to share. OK, so maybe it’s stretching it a bit to expect them to suddenly put all differences aside and break into a “Let there be Peace on Earth” or “Kumbaya” routine, but it being in such a glorious atmosphere couldn’t hurt. The sheer beauty of everything Italy has to offer is indeed often a game-changer in more ways the one. I’ve seen relationships renewed, and faith reignited either on the spot while touring Italy, or a few months after folks return home.

So, in a nut shell, or shall we say cannoli shell, since we’re on the topic of Italy, this is why I’ve developed the T’s Italy website; your one stop shopping for all things Italy and a new way to share the Gospel. Yes, through my blogs, videos, interviews, resources, travel tips, fun facts, and trivia and more, I can help you with your journey, and also provide personal consultation services. This includes everything from where to stay, play, eat, and for the faith-minded, where to pray.  However, even if you’re not planning a trip abroad any time soon, I hope you’ll hop on board the T’s Italy train, and help me share the glory of God through this magnificent country’s natural beauty, incredible art, and history. For more information go to, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and sign up for my mailing list. If you are traveling to Italy soon complete a T’s Italy Questionnaire and I can make your trip to Italy a trip of a lifetime.

Ciao for now and Viva Italia!