Why Their Abortion Wasn’t Their “Choice”

Ever since Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, all the talk on the airwaves and the social media outlets has been extremely one sided. There is even a new “#oneinfour” social media campaign just launched Monday by pro-abortion groups admitting that one in four women will have an abortion, as if that is something to brag about. So much for the infamous claim that abortion needs to be “safe, legal, and rare.” Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the nation, NARAL and other abortion promoters and defenders, have begun tweeting a troubling hashtag actually asking us to “stand” with women who will have an abortion. They’re insisting that America needs to support their “choice” to kill their child and put themselves at risk for a number of proven physical and psychological problems. We must lovingly but firmly counter their false and very one-sided claims that abortion is all about “choice,” when the research shows just the opposite!

That’s why I am once again asking you to share this post as well as my July 4th vlog. It’s time for more than one voice to be heard. And what better time with an opening on the Supreme Court and the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Papal encyclical Humanae Vitae (Of Human Life.)

Please join me in my efforts to speak truth to power by including the #helptheoneinfour when sharing about the new #SCOTUSpick Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Let’s help more Americans realize that real choice and support is available through the resources listed below. Share this vlog with as many people as possible, especially abortion-minded women. You can also share testimonies of post-abortive women; stories a majority of Americans have probably never heard of given the constant efforts to silence any abortion opposition. There is no better time in history to finally inject truth into the abortion debate.


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