Happy Independence Day

Boundaries for Our Benefit from Teresa Tomeo on Vimeo.

Happy 4th and a happy summer. Isn’t a great time of year? Summer is my absolute favorite season, especially the month of July. We’re about to celebrate Independence Day. No doubt we have a barbecue, beach party, family get together, or all of the above on our calendar for tomorrow. But even beyond these special moments and blessings we normally share, God in His mercy and wisdom is giving us yet another great gift; the gift of His perfect timing.

Please watch my vlog above, the first of several this month, to learn more about two very important dates that ironically or maybe not so ironically are happening very close to each other. I’m asking you to take advantage of this special gift by joining me now in the midst of all the summer celebrations, in an effort to speak the truth in love to a world so much in need.

While watching fireworks and enjoying Aunt Mary’s famous potato salad can be festive and fun, what if the Fourth of July holiday could be even more meaningful and fulfilling? What if you could help your circle of family and friends embrace what true freedom really means? Wouldn’t that make this 4th of July an Independence Day like no other? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions please watch and share.