Supporting Our Troops, Spiritually Speaking

I’m excited to be hosting July 4th tomorrow with my family. I’ve got special patriotic outfits for my new twin grandnieces that are celebrating their first Independence Day—I especially can’t wait to take a photo of them in their new outfits! Hot dogs, sparklers, and fireworks. I have the food bought and my husband, Deacon Dominick is helping to get the BBQ ready.

But then I was thinking that I wanted to do more to honor those that helped give us the freedom to have a BBQ, practice our Catholic faith freely, and to be able to host a nationally syndicated weekday radio talk show. I recently learned of a wonderful evangelization opportunity for us to directly help and inspire our troops in their Catholic faith and one of the best ideas I have ever heard of how we all can directly support our troops’ spiritual needs while they are away from home—a Military Chaplain Registry which allows for Military Chaplains to create a list of the items and the quantity they need for each of the soldiers in his care. Anyone can join in this effort and send these items directly to the troops where they are serving in the military.

Ian Rutherford, founder of the world’s largest online Catholic retailer,, created this registry when he learned that there’s a such great need—especially among chaplains in Iraq and Afghanistan, for resources to help meet service member’s spiritual needs. Thousands of Catholic gifts, Bibles, rosaries, catechisms, patron saint medals, prayer books and other items have already been sent—but the need just keeps growing and there’s so many items that the troops are waiting on. I encourage you to view a list of items asked for by chaplains and consider sending items to our troops for the July 4th  holiday such as Fulton Sheen’s Wartime Prayerbook—one of the most popular items given to soldiers. When you visit the registry you can see how many prayer books are requested and the name of each chaplain requesting them – such as the list I have included below. You can see how many have already been purchased and how many more are needed. If everyone does even a small part, we can help our troops with the spiritual support they need during the most difficult of conditions. There are even items that cost as little as $.75 cents each such as a Prayer Card for those serving in the Military.

The great news is that you can pick the items you want to send and there will be no cost for this shipping. Rutherford, who is a devout Catholic and father of 10 wanted to do his part by offering FREE SHIPPING for all military registry items sent to our troops. He wanted to expand on the concept of registries and has not only limited his outreach to couples preparing for their wedding, but also is helping seminarians preparing for ordination, and developed a Wish List Parish Registry where parishioners can give any amount towards new furnishings the parish needs.

So, bring out the hotdogs and sparklers, but don’t forget our troops. Let’s pray for them and make this 4th of July count more than ever and show our appreciation for the men and women serving so selflessly so we can keep our Independence. But our troops don’t only deserve our gratitude when the patriotic holiday comes around. This registry is a way we can honor them year-round by making this a monthly expression of gratitude for those that put their lives each day on the line for our freedoms. It’s a great way to directly lift up and inspire Catholic troops. Have a Happy 4th!

Pray and Support our Military Chaplains & Troops!

May God Bless America!


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