Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember Falling in Love Really Does Change Everything

So far this year alone, my husband and I have conducted at least four marriage enrichment conferences. We share our own journey back to each other and the Church, and do our best to encourage couples to work hard at putting God at the center of their marriage. However, no matter how we simplify it, we still get quite a few far-away stares at the end of our presentations as if we were speaking a foreign language. In many ways we are and we get it. Been there. Done that. And bought the T shirt, as the old saying goes.

We are both cradle Catholics who learned more about religion than relationship in our early years which resulted in Mass on Sunday, and that was about it. Marriage preparation was brief and weak when we tied the knot 33 years ago. Thanks be to God marriage prep in the 21st century Church is getting better through new and very solid resources and programs, but so many of us started out on this journey of building a life together, with a spiritual tool box that was practically empty.

That’s why, on this Valentine’s Day, I thought it might be helpful to pass along a unique love poem; a poem shared at our events that seems to really help crystallize the importance of bringing God into and keeping Him at the center of one’s life and marriage. It’s a poem that my husband brought home from a Catholic men’s retreat. Of course, I was moved when my husband read it to me? How could I not be? Continue Reading at Catholic World Report.Save