Journalists & Their Campaign Contributions

money-600x400Pope Francis’ prayer intentions for October were particularly insightful — some might even say prophetic — when looking at what’s happening with today’s news media, especially in the 2016 election campaign. The pope asked us to join him in praying for journalists, that their work would always be motivated by strong ethics and respect for the truth.

Journalists are badly in need of prayers and then some in light of a new analysis concerning financial connections between secular journalists and presidential campaigns. It appears the situation is way too close for comfort when it comes to being able to cover the election with at least an attempt at balance and objectivity.

The report was released by the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit and non-partisan investigative news organization. The headline accompanying the report’s release in late October is enough to upset anyone concerned with how media cover not only elections but news in general: “Journalists shower Hillary Clinton with campaign cash: Far fewer making contributions to Donald Trump, analysis shows.”

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