Olympic Gold Medal Mom Celebrates Sport and Motherhood

gold_medalWhen I was growing up in the ’70s, the so-called women’s liberation movement built its message around the idea of choice. If women chose to stay home and have children, that was fine, and if they chose to be in the workforce, that was fine as well. Seeking some balance in both was also greatly promoted — or, should I say, sold — to women. But the truth of the matter was that women who chose anything but shooting for the corner office were made to feel as if they were setting a bad example for women everywhere ­­—­ and taking the feminist movement backward instead of forward.

On numerous occasions during my 20 years in the secular media, I can remember very clearly being told by female news directors that it was indeed all about the job. If we dared express an interest in spending time with family, we would be relegated to night, weekend and holiday shifts — or more likely than not, quickly shown the door when our contracts came up for renewal.

The messages about so-called choice are the same today and have become, I’m afraid, more ingrained thanks to our anti-life, anti-family culture. Just take a look at the negative reaction from some on social media earlier this month surrounding Kerri Walsh Jennings, an Olympic beach volleyball star, wife and proud mom. Keep in mind that she is an Olympic gold medalist. Keep in mind that she supposedly achieved what the women’s movement claimed they were all about: having choices. Walsh Jennings has chosen to have both a career and a family. While much of the feedback was positive, there are always naysayers. And for them, none of her great athletic achievements mattered. They just couldn’t handle Walsh Jennings talking about the importance she places on balancing family and career.

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