Tuscany: God’s Country

The cliché “God’s Country” isn’t normally associated with a great place to visit. But it takes on an entirely different meaning under the Tuscan sun. This truly is God’s country, because there is no other explanation for the breathtaking and awe inspiring beauty, and the way He continues to reveal himself through nature and through his saints.

st-catherineTuscany was where our WINE pilgrimage took us today; more specifically Siena and Montalcino. Siena, of course, is the home of the great doctor of the Church, St. Catherine. It’s an incredible medieval town made famous by her writings, her ministry, and her efforts to unify Italy and bring the Pope back to Rome from Avignon, France. Our pilgrims thoroughly enjoyed strolling the quaint streets and spending precious time venerating St. Catherine’s relics at the Basilica of St. Dominick, as well as walking through the church where she received the stigmata. “Caterina’s” powerful spirit is everywhere and we certainly felt her presence.



Since this is God’s country, and since His first miracle was change water into wine, it only seems fitting that we wrapped up under the Tuscan sun in the fabulous Banfi winery in Montalcino, known for its Brunello wines. As you can see from the pictures this pilgrimage is truly providing us with one after the other John 10:10 experience as the abundant life experiences just keep coming.

Tomorrow we will visit Cascia, the home of yet another amazing saint: St. Rita. Then it’s on to the final leg our WINE and Shrine pilgrimage. From God’s country to God’s city, the Eternal City of Rome.



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