Stop the Noise: Country Singer Says Our Tech Addiction Drowning Us

iphone-450x299When speaking in Germany in 2006, Pope Benedict XVI addressed a growing crisis — one that was impacting Catholics as much as the rest of the world. He was referring to the problem of too much noise. The noise, he said, was preventing believers from hearing the voice of God. “Put simply, we are no longer able hear God; there are too many different frequencies filling our ears.”

The pope emeritus probably isn’t aware of it, but he has an unlikely kindred spirit in an American country music star. Kenny Chesney makes his living off of music carried across the vast technological landscape, but if you listen to the lyrics of his latest hit single — appropriately entitled “Noise” — Chesney most likely would give a thumbs-up to Benedict’s concerns. Apparently, even an award-winning country singer needs a little quiet now and then.

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