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Teens and mediaMedia literacy: Young people aren’t as media savvy as we may think and need help discerning the information out there. Read more at OSV Newsweekly.
Calm RiverMoral of the Story: While division remains, many people agree that our country’s morals are far from where they need to be. Read more at OSV Newsweekly.

Inspired by ‘13 Reasons Why,’ a Michigan school has started a campaign to combat teen suicide. Read more at OSV Newsweekly.

This is what it is like when grandmothers put “reproductive rights” before the rights of their actual grandchildren or great-grandchildren. Read about “Grandmas for Abortion” at OSV Newsweekly.

Life is beautiful, but why is animal life considered more important in our society than human life? Teresa Tomeo comments on this in OSV Newsweekly.

What does it mean to judge? When someone says not to judge their actions, how are you to respond? Read Dr. Edward Sri’s excellent commentary on this topic at the National Catholic Register.

How does YouTube sensation “April the Giraffe” give a good example of the confusion of our culture when it comes to life? Read more at Catholic World Report.

Has God taken a backseat to the busyness in your life? Don’t continue to lose peace, start praying taking time for the Lord again. Read more at OSV Newsweekly.

Is the media making too much of the fact Mike Pence will not eat alone with a woman? With the general breakdown of the family, how could this be bad advice? Teresa Tomeo discusses this in a column for Catholic World Report.

Is a certain fear keeping you from making your marriage the best it can be? Teresa Tomeo, at OSV Newsweekly, explains how some couples avoid working on their good marriages because of fear or they think it is too hard.


Over 100 of the ultra-left activist groups organizing the “Women’s March” last January such as the ACLU, Human Rights Watch, People for the American Way & Planned Parenthood, which are openly hostile to conservative values and people of faith – especially Catholics, were funded with over $246 million by billionaire George Soros. Read more about how the these ultra-liberal causes are supported in their promotion of the Culture of Death.

Locked in Our Cells: The pope notes how our actions show that many of us value our cellphones over the word of God. Read more of Teresa Tomeo’s column at OSV Newsweekly.

baby-539969_1280It is a just plain wrong when pro-abortion supporters say that pro-life people don’t care for women & children after birth. Pro-life people have a long and varied history of helping not only pregnant women and their children, but all people, in all circumstances. And they do it personally, not through government. Here is what they do. This is the article that you can send to those who fall for the lie.


Frederica Mathewes-GreenWhen Abortion Suddenly Stopped Making Sense. In this National Review article, the author, Frederica Mathewes-Green, was a “college student — an anti-war, mother-earth, feminist, hippie college student” when Roe v. Wade became the law of the land, and she rejoiced. Find out what changed her mind.


Temper Tantrums: We as Christians must continue to move forward regardless of those who are trying to get in our way. Read more at Teresa Tomeo’s column at OSV Newsweekly.

Must Keep Pressing. The faithful have a duty to keep the media honest in reporting on matters important to the Church. Read Teresa Tomeo’s column at OSV Newsweekly.

Feminism’s Dreadful Life Advice. Sarah Silverman’s struggle with motherhood offers a cautionary tale for anyone tempted to drink the Kool-Aid of modern feminism. How do we solve a problem like modern feminism? As I’ve long argued, it offers little more than a long, drawn-out, decidedly un-fun handbook for ruining your life.

Bearers of Bad News Pope Francis has issued a much-needed challenge to the media to be balanced and offer ‘good news.’ Read Teresa Tomeo’s column at OSV Newsweekly for more.



captureHere we go again! Another example of how delusional Hollywood sees the world. Notice how they make all sorts of shocking statements about conservatives, namely the President Elect, without backing any of those statements up with specifics? It is the same old “Rules for Radicals” song and dance. Let’s throw out as many ad hominem attacks and see what sticks. It’s all well and good to speak up about one’s concerns and to engage Congress. I’m all for that, but can we at least start with fact not fiction, please?

This is one of the best commentaries on the state of our country since the election that 20161110_election_protest-city-hall-in-san-francisco-ap-660x350-1479380069I’ve read so far. Talk about getting it – Fr. George Rutler does indeed! Please share this commentary, A Populist Election and Its Aftermath with as many friends as possible.

trump2Thankfully some sanity among a sea of media madness. Mitch Albom is a respected author and columnist based in Michigan. Read Mitch Albom: Time to pause, reflect — and stop predicting.

new_york_timesThe New York Times is apologizing-well sort of, for it’s coverage of Donald Trump during this year’s election. Bottom line here folks is that their extreme bias is hitting them where it counts; in the wallet and they’re afraid of losing more money and more subscribers. My advice, let’s see them put their money where their mouth is and prove-through balanced news coverage-that they mean it. This is the only way they are going to do what they’re called to do. Read New York Times: We Blew It On Trump in the New York Post.

armstrong-trumpNow is the time not to give up on prayer, but redouble our efforts to bring about the conversion of hearts and minds in our country, and to pray for the new president and his administration.  Read author Patti Maguire Armstrong’s article Donald Trump Needs Our Prayers Now More Than Ever at the National Catholic Register.

Teresa Tomeo
In The News

Teresa Tomeo shares her faith journey at Sioux City Women’s Conference. “If God is your co-pilot, change seats!” “They probably think they are saying something very profound, very spiritual,” said Tomeo. “Think about that. God, the Alpha and the Omega, is your copilot, which means you are in the pilot seat. Which means you know more than God. That’s how I lived my life. God was there when I needed him, but the rest of the time I was in the driver’s seat.” Read more at the Catholic Globe Newspaper.

Legatus women come from different backgrounds and life experiences. Yet within that diversity, they are using their talents to increase the kingdom of God. Some do it within the business world, non-profit organizations, the media, and women’s ministries. The one common denominator is that they have all responded to a personal call. When Teresa Tomeo came back to the Catholic Church, she had to make a difficult decision: How would she use her journalistic talents? Read more in Legatus Magazine



Abortion Advocate Protesting March for Life Put Down Her Sign and Got a Pro-Life Sign. Here’s Why. The host of Catholic Connection, Teresa Tomeo, received a called on the air from a former pro-abortion  protestor who put down her sign and picked up a pro-life one at the March for Life…


www.usnews.comHacks for Getting the Most Out of European Train Travel. Travel author Lyn Mettler, the Go To Travel Gal, interviews travelers, including Teresa Tomeo, on tips to make buying and using train passes in Europe, easier, cheaper, and great fun.

Jeanne Monahan2 smTeresa Tomeo & March For Life President Jeanne Mancini discuss Why We Should All March For Life in an Our Sunday Visitor Media Matters Webinar. Register & watch the free webinar.


selfie-america-magThe Jesuit publication, America Magazine, interviewed Teresa Tomeo, about the “Selfie” culture and her latest book, “Beyond Me, My Selfie & I: Finding True Happiness in a Self-Absorbed World.” Sean Salai, SJ discusses with Teresa her book, her conversion, and a self-consumed culture in his article, “Happiness in a World of Selfies: Author Q&A with Teresa Tomeo.”

national-review-online-logoTeresa and her husband, Deacon Dominick Pastore were interviewed by Editor-at-Large, and award-winning opinion journalist, Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review Online about their book Intimate Graces: How Practicing the Works of Mercy Brings Out the Best in Marriage. You can read the interview here, and also a followup interview at Kathryn’s blog at the Patheos Catholic Channel.

catholic-digest-cover-9-2015Teresa Tomeo and her husband, Deacon Dominick Pastore spoke with Daria Sockey for an interview in Catholic Digest magazine. The article, Bringing Out the Best in Marriage is about how you can improve your marriage through practicing the Works of Mercy. We may think that performing the Works of Mercy, such as feeding the hungry, or visiting the imprisoned, is something you do for strangers, but the concepts are also something that can deepen your relationship with your spouse.

for-your-marriage-lg-logoThe USCCB For Your Marriage website has a  reviewed Teresa Tomeo & her husband, Deacon Dominick Pastore’s book Intimate Graces: How Practicing the Works of Mercy Brings Out the Best in Marriage. Finding it “fresh insight into daily ways to show mercy and love to one’s spouse,” the author explains how the strength of the book is the authors’ vulnerability in sharing the difficulties they’ve faced in their marriage and how they overcame them.

dobson Dr. Meg Meeker interviews Teresa Tomeo on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk radio show about the Fifty Shades of Grey series. Listen to Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.

intimate-graces-coverThe Catholic Book Blogger conducts an in-depth interview with Teresa Tomeo about her and her husband’s book Intimate Graces.

Press Releases

#RealWomenDontQuit: Conservative Women Celebrate Responsible Womanhood vs. “A Day Without A Woman”

DETROIT, MI, March 7, 2017 – Conservative, pro-life women are promoting responsible womanhood with the #RealWomenDontQuit campaign to counteract the radical feminist event “A Day Without a Woman” planned for Wednesday, March 8, 2017.

Talk show host, media activist and author of Extreme Makeover – Women Transformed by Christ, Not Conformed to the Culture, Teresa Tomeo and other conservative women invite women to join a “Tweet Fest” using the hashtag #RealWomenDontQuit. They also encourage women to let their authentic femininity shine with activities that contribute to society.

Radical feminists, on the contrary, want women to protest by walking off their jobs, not spending money at male-owned businesses, and even strike from home and family responsibilities. They are protesting a number of things including Donald Trump’s presidency, economic inequality, and being “gender oppressed.”

Ironically, since 1909, March 8th has been set aside as International Women’s Day as a day to mark the contributions of women to society around the globe. “Now, according to the same group that brought us the angry ranting of Whoopi, Madonna, and Ashley Judd on the day after the Inauguration of Donald Trump, this is a day for more whining, mostly about politicians they detest and demanding the right to also walk out on their unborn babies through abortion,” says Tomeo.

“Yet, how many women can really skip work? What about mothers and nurses and women who people depend on? Why would women want to let down the people who depend on them?”

#RealWomenDontQuit is a positive response to celebrate God’s plan for women. “We are women who celebrate responsible authentic womanhood. We don’t want them to take their concerns out on their employers or their children by abandoning their responsibilities for a day,” says Tomeo. “We are not quitters. We take on more responsibility when times get tough and things don’t go our way. That’s what the strongest of women in our nation’s history have done.”

Tomeo encourages women to share their ideas; to speak up this week about true feminism. She has started a running list on her blog and encourages people to share their articles with ideas and reasons as to why this is not their event by tagging or direct messaging links to Teresa Tomeo on Facebook and Twitter and she’ll add them to her blog resource list.




Calling Media to Fairness & Objectivity: Women’s March on Washington vs. March for Life in D.C.30-Year Detroit reporter encourages basic journalism standards in covering Pro-Life v. Pro-Choice Marches

WASHINGTON, D.C. March for life coverJan. 26, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Media expert, Teresa Tomeo, is encouraging the secular press to pursue basic journalism standards of fairness and objectivity for this Friday’s March for Life in Washington D.C. on January 27th, 2017.

“Last weekend, the media were in awe of the number of women who showed up on the nation’s capitol,” Tomeo stated. “I’m calling on the media to cover this March just as they did for last week’s Women’s March.”

The March for Life has attracted massive crowds for over four decades. This year’s March marks the 44th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion in the U.S. which has led to the deaths of nearly 60 million unborn babies. Much of the Women’s March last weekend was dedicated to promoting legalized abortion — with no restrictions or exceptions — while pro-life women’s groups were barred from co-sponsoring this event.

“Recent surveys show that most Americans are pro-life and more and more women believe that giving birth is a valid ‘choice,'” Tomeo said. “With abortion still being very controversial and relevant to so many, the media should be professionally vested in reporting both sides of the issue. Yet, the annual March for Life is barely a blip on their radar screen.”

Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway, shared on Fox & Friends (view at 7:34:00) this week that she also hopes the media will give fair coverage to the March for Life. Conway is the keynote speaker at the March for Life Rally this Friday, along with New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan and NFL Football player, Benjamin Watson, tight end for the Baltimore Ravens.

Tomeo will report live for the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) this Friday, as she has done for several years. Having worked for 20 years in the secular media in Detroit as a TV reporter, and host for over a decade of a daily syndicated radio program, Catholic Connection, Tomeo has a unique perspective having been on both sides of the “choice” issue.

Tomeo and many other pro-life leaders are urging people to join in this March for Life, whether in person or via social media, taking a Twitter cue from President Trump. A “Twitter Storm” is planned for this Friday using the hashtag #WhyWeMarch to promote a pro-life message that attests to the dignity of all human life from conception to natural death.

Defamation Lawsuit Against Katie Couric: Expert on Media, Teresa Tomeo, Says It’s a Wake-up Call to Those Who Trust the Media

For Immediate Release – September 15, 2016

avemariaimg_3560retA defamation lawsuit was filed Tuesday, September 13th accusing Katie Couric and the producers of the documentary movie “Under the Gun” of deceptive editing. The documentary, about gun violence in the U.S., includes a segment which allegedly proports to make a pro-gun rights group appear uninformed and clueless about gun violence. Teresa Tomeo, journalist, syndicated talk show host, expert on the media, and author of Noise: How Our Media-saturated Culture Dominates Lives and Dismantles Families says this is another wake-up call for people to be cautious in trusting the media. Continue Reading

Mother Teresa Lit Spark in Starry-eyed Intern Now a Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

For Immediate Release – August 31, 2016

mother-teresaThe opportunity to interview Mother Teresa was a scoop for a reporter even 39 years ago. That is when Teresa Tomeo, a young journalism intern in Detroit’s secular media, spoke with Mother Teresa. It became something much bigger than a just good news story for an ambitious intern. Ultimately, it became a thread in Tomeo’s path through 15 years in secular television into the Catholic media where she is now a TV and radio talk show host for Ave Maria Radio and EWTN. Tomeo will be in Rome this week airing her daily radio show and providing TV coverage for the canonization of Mother Teresa. Continue Reading

Jubilee Year of Mercy Pilgrimage, Steve Ray and Teresa Tomeo Lead Pilgrims Into The Heart of the Divine Mercy

For Immediate Release – DETROIT, Michigan – August 10, 2016

divine-mercy-jesusFollowing Pope Francis’ suggestion to make a pilgrimage during this Jubilee Year of Mercy, Catholic author Steve Ray and author and talk show host Teresa Tomeo, along with their spouses, are leading more than 70 pilgrims from 14 different states to Poland–the birthplace of Divine Mercy. From August 13-22, their pilgrimage with Footprints of God/Corporate Travel will include:  Continue Reading