“Loved the Wedding, Now Invite Me To The Marriage” – Signed God

Quite a catchy statement don’t you think? That’s precisely what my husband and I thought as we were driving along Interstate 75 in southeastern Michigan a few years ago and saw the message printed on a large billboard. It reminded us of our own marriage journey; a journey that for many years did not have any room for God in the travel itinerary. Leaving God and faith in the dust as we were attempting to drive off into the sunset as newlyweds, would eventually lead us down a road filled with twists, turns, and seemingly endless bumps and potholes — for which we were unprepared.

Like many couples, we invested a great deal of time, money, and effort into planning the wedding but took day to day married life for granted until it was almost too late. Thank goodness we eventually found our way back home but it wasn’t easy and there were plenty of times we felt lost.

That’s why we’re so excited to share this new on-line marriage course, “Marriage 411” being offered by our friends and marriage ministers, Julie and Greg Alexander, especially during┬áthe summer season, which also happens to be the season for weddings.

Marriage 411 is for any couple looking to strengthen their relationship. It would be very beneficial to or any couple looking for some great advice and encouragement and especially recommended for engaged couples and newlyweds. It would make a wonderful and unique wedding gift to a new bride and groom!

It’s a program that’s this extremely accessible. It’s available on your Smart Phone or lap top, and will definitely serve as a spiritual GPS bringing you closer together.

So what are you waiting for?

Invite God into your marriage through Marriage 411!

See you on the road to marital bliss. Happy trails.


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Marriage 411 Course.