Pope Francis Calls For A Balanced Media

I am often asked why the media spend so much time covering violent and depressing stories such as shootings, riots, murders, car crashes, wars and more. Aren’t there any good-news stories out there?

There are very practical reasons why bad news is more prevalent than good. But ask pretty much anyone in secular news management and you won’t receive a very direct answer. What you will most likely hear, and I can verify this because this is what news folks are told to say in response to the concerns raised about the overwhelmingly negative and sensational content, is that it’s the fault of society and the public, not the press. If we weren’t such a bunch of deviants causing all the death and destruction out there, the media would be able to make us smile a great deal more every time we picked up the paper or turned on the news.

The standard reply usually goes something like this: “We in the news media don’t like to report so much sad news, but we are merely holding up a mirror to society. The stories are a reflection on the many problems in our world today.”

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