The Perils of Pornography

guy-w-laptop-600x397How many times in the past few years have you been told when discussing hot-button issues that Church teachings only apply to Catholics? Whether it’s an exchange on Facebook or a one-on-one discussion at the office or in line at the coffee shop, I’m tired of people suggesting that we keep our “archaic and old-fashioned rules” to ourselves — or inside Vatican City and the four walls of our local parish.

You have to wonder how much more chaotic the world has to get before people see how Church teachings are universal and not just for the benefit of Catholics and other Christians but for all humanity. God is a loving Father who knows best and has the perfect plan for our lives. Whether one is religious doesn’t change natural law. All we have to do is look around our world today to get a glimpse of what happens when we don’t follow the “archaic rules” or core teachings of the Church. That’s why I’m grateful when the universal truths are spoken by people in the secular spotlight — people who may not make any direct reference to God but still sound very Catholic.

A recent example comes from actor and former NFL player Terry Crews, who is waging a one-man battle against the negative impact of pornography. Crews has been making headlines recently for his outspokenness regarding his own porn addiction, which began when he was only 12 years old. The addiction took a huge toll on his life and his marriage. He has been posting powerful short videos on his Facebook page telling his story and encouraging others to talk about their own problems with porn and, most importantly, encouraging them to seek help.

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